About the Coordinating Center: AFAR

New York, New York
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The American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) serves as the Coordinating Center for the Nathan Shock Centers program.

AFAR is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to support and advance healthy aging through biomedical research. Founded in 1981, AFAR has championed the cause and supported the funding of science in healthier aging and age-related medicine.

As the Nathan Shock Centers Coordinating Center, the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) will help the Centers coordinate their activities as well as communicate the capabilities and achievements of the individual Centers to other aging researchers and the general public.

The Coordinating Center aims to:

  • Enhance the Nathan Shock Centers’ external communication with the lay public, expand information resources and serve as scientific exchange forum among each sites
  • Work with the NSC directors to develop and implement data quality control and sharing between centers and with the scientific community at large
  • Provide logistical support to the Nathan Shock Centers for interactions with NIA staff
  • Develop and implement evaluation strategies for assessing the effectiveness of the Nathan Shock Centers and the Coordinating Center, guide future directions, and report outcomes to stakeholders

The Nathan Shock Centers Coordinating Center Leadership Team:

  • Steven N. Austad, PhD – Co Principal Investigator; Scientific Director, AFAR; Director of the Nathan Shock Center at the University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Stephanie Lederman, M.Ed. - Co-Principal Investigator; Executive Director, AFAR
  • Odette van der Willik – Project Manager; Deputy Executive Director and Director of Grants Programs, AFAR
  • David Allison, PhD – Co-Investigator: Development and Implementation of Data Quality Control and Sharing; Dean, Indiana University School of Public Health – Bloomington.

To reach someone on the leadership team, please email contact@nathanshockcenters.org

The Nathan Shock Centers program is part of the Research Centers Collaborative Network (RCCN) of the National Institute on Aging, NIH.
The objective of the Research Centers Collaborative Network (RCCN) is to initiate new cross-disciplinary collaborative networks that bring together key thought leaders from each of the six NIA center programs to align approaches across programs that will uncover synergies and insights that lead to novel collaborations.

AFAR also co-manages the RCCN.

Learn more about the RCCN centers, workshops, webinars, and more here